Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cloak -- Winter Garment Extraordinaire

I've worn a cloak (or cape or poncho or whatever you want to call it -- I call mine a cloak because it's a full circle and it's long) in the winter on and off for many years -- I had one in scarlet, but I kept getting annoying Little Red Riding Hood jokes so I quit wearing that one. I've made a Folkwear Kinsale Cloak in rose with a black and white plaid lining and my husband brought me a cloak in charcoal wool from a trip to Montreal. So, I've had my share of cloaks and I find them to be the warmest outdoor winter garment ever. If you can manage all that fabric without getting tangled up in it or tripping over it or getting it caught in the car door (been there, done that).

Butterick See & Sew 4266
Last year a cloak became my regular winter coat after I made myself a hooded one in a black wool that had a cool woven pattern in the fabric.  The pattern I used was Butterick 4266 though I made mine longer, like below knee length, and used a handkerchief hem rather than the curved one.

I get the occasional odd look from people from time to time, but more often, people tell me how neat it is and ask me where I got it. Apparently, these are regularly sold at Renaissance Faires, but not that many people run to the grocery store wearing one. Tee Hee. Maybe I'll start a new trend.

I want a new cloak for this year, because last year's cloak was really a trial run, I didn't expect to like it as much as I do, and the fabric I used wasn't the best quality. I'm still looking for the perfect fabric, though if I don't get moving soon, it'll be too late to bother.

I do have fabric for a girls' cloak, though. Some lovely bubblegum pink wool melton that is surprisingly soft to the touch for melton. I'm looking for some pretty ribbon trim to make all that plain pink into something quite pretty, so as soon as I find that I'll be making a girls' cloak.

I don't have a pattern for a girls' cloak, but I'm thinking it's not much different from  the Handkerchief Dress.

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  1. Cloaks are so on trend this are ahead of the curve!