Monday, October 24, 2011

Easy Peasy Autumn Skirt

Ever find a piece of fabric that just speaks for itself?  Something that's so cool  you hate to cut it up and sew it together in some other form?

That's how I felt about this red rayon fabric with its fabulous leaves that look like they've been spray painted (what's that called when you lay down an object and then spray paint.  When the design is made where the paint isn't?)  I can't remember what it's called, but I absolutely love it!

A friend gave me this fabric a year or two ago.  She is an avid tag-saler, and she is always picking up some interesting fabric or other for me (she got me a gorgeous piece of silk brocade once -- I washed it and the whole thing rippled like crazy *cry* -- I'm saving it to make a fab lining for something).  Anyway, it's a luxurious drapey rayon and I absolutely adore the color.  I don't usually wear bright colors, but I just can't help it.  This one is calling me.

I decided to make a simple elastic waist skirt with this, since I thought something simple would show off the fabric to better effect than something more complicated.  Gores would disrupt the pattern too much, I think, even though style-wise I would prefer it.

I made this by hemming the top and the bottom first and then stitching six rows at the top with elastic thread.  Beginning to probably took about 40 minutes.  Instant gratification  :-)

By the way, my waist isn't really that tiny.  The elastic thread sometimes has a mind of its own. Fringe benefit: Practically anyone with a hip measurement smaller than mine could wear this.  I've already gotten one request to borrow it :-)

I paired it up with brown and black here, because, frankly I haven't got a thing that goes with this.  But that's why I stash fabric.  I'm sure I can find something.  I'm thinking a brown, close-fitting scoopneck tee.  I don't have a pattern in mind, though.  Suggestions are welcome  :-)

The really cool thing is that I have nearly 3 yards left -- enough to make an Autumn Dress.  If I can just find a pattern that has simple enough lines...

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