Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Many Ways Can I Wear the Cognac Top?

I guess I really love the Scoop Neck Shirred Front Tee. Here's a few ways I can wear this top with pieces I already have.  These are not great pictures, since they're taken indoors and at night.  I'm going to get myself a new camera soon and work on my photography.

I can go weekend casual, of course.  Jeans, top and platform clogs.  I love these clogs, by the way.  They make me feel tall.  I'm tall, I'm tall, I'm so happy to be tall!

Then there's office casual.  Black dress pants (Jalie OOP), top  and heeled loafers.

Dressier office.  Same black dress pants, top, and New Look 6659 Vest

And afternoon casual.  Polyester velvet skirt (Fashion Bug), top, and knee high black boots.

That was fun. :-)

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