Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Shopping Instead of Sewing

The last couple of days have been pretty busy, so I haven't seen much of the inside of my sewing room on Monday or Tuesday.  But...

...I did get these cute new boots.  Most of my boots are knee-high or pretty close to it--this is the first pair of low boots I've bought in probably 15 years.  But they were so cute, I just couldn't resist.  Buttery soft leather, lined with leather and cotton twill and that fake fuzzy stuff at the top.  So winter wonderland-y without the spun sugar.  That zipper is strictly decorative -- it doesn't even have a zipper pull.  Personally, I think these boots are Just. Plain. Cool. I love 'em!!

Now, I'll have to make something that goes with them.

Speaking of making, I did do some sewing today.  The lining of the Fall Jacket is done and the shell is done.  Now I just have to join the two and do the buttonholes, hemming and all that stuff.  What's holding me up is the shoulder pads.  I could make a set or I could wait until I go to JoAnn's this weekend and buy a set.  I haven't decided which way I'll go with that yet.

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