Monday, December 19, 2011

Pleated Skirt -- Finished!

I never mentioned I was working on this one, did I?

That's because I traced, cut, and sewed it almost entirely for the FNSI.  Rarely am I able to complete a project from start to finish in a single sitting, but it happened with this one.

Almost never do I wear short skirts.  I am 5'2" barely, and frankly, short skirts usually make me look even shorter than I really am.  And I was kind of afraid this pattern would make me look too much like a teenager.

I actually surprised myself with how much I like it.

The pattern is McCalls 4582 which appears to be out of print since I can find it on neither the McCall's website nor  Yes, it is a Junior's pattern (and I am definitely no Junior) but the size 7/8 was a perfect match for my measurements, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I've always been in love the pleated/kilt type skirts, but I also always had this idea that they wouldn't look good on me.  I decided to make one to settle the question once and for all knowing full well that I might end up with a skirt that I wasn't going to keep.

The fabric is a milk chocolate cotton twill bottom weight, probably bought from sometime in the last year or two.  It's your standard staple fabric, not particularly special but good quality.

I chose view E for the pleats and the belt at the front yoke, but I didn't favor the 3 inch wide belt thing with the gargantuan buckle.  Instead, I used 2 buckles with a 1 inch inside measurement and 2 "belts". 

And I traced, cut, and sewed a straight 7/8.  The only other real difference between my skirt and the drafted one is that I folded the pleats toward the center front instead of toward the side seams -- somehow I like that configuration better.  I also stitched the folds 1/8th inch from the edge to make the pleats stay put.

The only disappointment is that the back is not pleated at all--it's just a plain a-line skirt back.  Hm.  No matter.  I like it just the way it is.  A pleated back might lend just enough cheerleader-iness to make this skirt not work for me, so I think I'll leave well enough alone.

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