Sunday, February 12, 2012

Men's Vest

I got the pieces for my Second Son's vest cut out and interfaced last night.  The brown is tropical weight wool and the lining is a poly brocade shirting.  It's a pretty neat fabric -- either side could be the right side.  I chose to use the side that emphasized the leaves the most as the right side.

He's asked for one inside pocket and one outside pocket.  The inside one will be a plain welt pocket -- that's what I did on his last one and it seemed to work out just fine for him.  I will interface the lining all around the pocket area this time, which I didn't do last time.

He's also asked me to add a belt in the back with a vest buckle so he can adjust the fit to his liking.  I have vest buckles in nickel and brass -- this chocolate color will look better with brass buckles, I think.

I'd like to get at least the darts sewn today, and if I can get to more than that, I'll consider it a bonus.  I'd also like to get a picture taken of Oldest Son in his new dress shirt so I can post it to Pattern Review and get my entry for the Menswear Contest taken care of.

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