Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quilt-Fest --Still Sewing

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since my last post.  I'm still sewing away on my quilt tops, happily free motion quilting, piecing, and of course shopping for fabric.  I've gotten several 104" wide backing fabrics from JoAnn's in the past couple of weeks (on sale of course), some more cotton batting (also on sale), some fabrics that I just couldn't resist.

Michael Miller's Nevermore Collection was completely beyond my ability to resist.  How awesome are these?

I'm not sure yet how to use these gems in a quilt pattern, but I'm thinking seriously about Dove in the Window.  Daughter immediately pointed out, "You'll have to call it Raven in the Window, Mom."  The black fabric is Gothic without being gruesome, very Edgar Allen Poe, who didn't need graphic crime scene descriptions to create an atmosphere of foreboding. 

The white fabric is milder, with a literary theme that I absolutely adore.  I still use pen and ink for my artwork, I've been doing calligraphy since my teens, and I have an assortment of pen nibs for every occasion and ink in all colors of the rainbow.  The ravens add that extra touch that is just perfect.

I bought other fabrics, too, these are just my favorites. 

In progress news, the Cobblestone quilt is completely quilted, my first attempt a free motion quilting.  In my opinion, this first try was a major success, and I am happy, happy, happy.  I have, however, picked up a pair of quilters gloves with grippy dots on the palms for the next project.  Perhaps then my arms will not get so painfully tired.

 And quilt top #2 is finally finished.  Up next is a pic and description.  I'm hoping to lay it out and baste the layers this weekend at the latest.

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