My first love is pencil sketches, but since this is a sewing blog, I figured I'd put the sewing artwork first.  I guess it's not exactly artwork, since they're technical drawings.  Maybe I should work on my fashion drawing techniques.  Then I could draw pattern envelope covers that actually represent what's in the envelope.  Now there's a novel idea  :o)
These are created using the vector graphic software, Inkscape.  What's funny for me about drawing digital art is that my pencil-holding drawing hand is my left.  My mouse-clicking drawing hand is my right.  Ambidexterity, here I come!

This is from the Mini Wardrobe contest in September 2013

And here are a few of the sewing-themed pencil sketches

Okay, not sewing related, but awfully cute  ;o)

This one won 3rd Place in the Mixed Media Category of the
2012 Dalton Art Guild Show in Pittsfield, MA.

And since I love pen-and-ink, I've done a few of those, too.