Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crisp Corners in Shirt Cuffs

If you've made any shirts with cuffs, you know that getting those corners to turn nicely can be a pain.  Here is a quick photo tutorial for making crisp, clean corners.

First, cut out your cuff pattern following the pattern directions.  Some cuffs are one piece and will be folded lengthwise to make the cuff and cuff facing; others will be in two pieces.  Mine is a one-piece.

 I like my shirt cuffs to feel substantial so I generally interface with woven interfacing.  Here I'm experimenting with fusible woven interfacing but I think I prefer sew-in.

 For one-piece cuffs, fold the cuff piece in half lengthwise, right sides together, and stitch the ends.  For two-piece stitch the ends and the long un-notched edge.  Follow your pattern directions for seam allowance.

 Grade the allowances to reduce bulk.

Now, for the one-piece cuff, press the seam allowance along the seam line toward the body of the cuff.  You can use some steam to help keep it in place.

For the two-piece cuff, first press the short side seams and then press the long seam.

Place your index finger inside the cuff and pinch the seam allowance between your thumb and index finger.

While holding on to the corner with your two fingers, turn the cuff right side out.

 Smooth and finger press the seams.

 Repeat this with the other side and then press the whole cuff.

Tada!  Crisp corners.  The heavier your fabric, the more rounded the corners will be, but this technique will give you the nicest corners possible for your fabric.

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