Friday, August 19, 2011

Next Up: Hot Patterns Fringe Festival Knit Top

When I saw this free download come up, I thought this top was so cool.  I don't generally like scarf collar tops, but something about this one just caught my eye (besides that fact that it's free, that is).  I have a couple of fabrics that would really work for this one: some organic cotton jerseys, a couple of rayon/cotton blends, I'm even thinking my piece of merino wool jersey might work.  I mean, a short sleeved top made of jersey wool won't keep you warm, but it sure could look awesome.
Anyway, I'll have to consider my options and go from there.  I've already got the pattern printed, scotch taped, and cut out in my size.  I can tell this one's going to sew up quick, so I'm hoping to have a new top before the weekend's over.

You can download this pattern from's Free Downloads Page


  1. This is a really cute top, and could be worn for work or play. Thanks for the heads up on the free download. :-)

  2. You're welcome :-) And you're right...I really like the possibilities this top has. Depending on the fabric or just how you treat the collar ties it could look great under a jacket or with a vest for work or all by itself for casual...