Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Sleeve Board and Other Goodies

I went to Joann's yesterday and picked myself up a sleeve board to replace the one I smashed to smithereens (okay, okay I just broke it in half) over the weekend.  Lo and behold, the ones at Joann's are now made with steel mesh like a regular ironing board, as though daring me to try and break this one.  Ha!  Ten bucks says I can find a way to break steel mesh  :-)

More surprising was my fabulous Red Tag find.  Red Tags are 50% off this week, and I've been known to find some really great pieces for, um, really cheap.  So, I scoured the Red Tag rack yesterday and found this:

The label said 64% polyester, 29% wool, 7% other.  Um, wow.  29% wool fabric at Joann's?  My Joann's rarely carries anything in silk or wool or any of the other finer fibres.  So, I snatched it up.  I took the rest of the bolt--only 3.5 yards or so, but plenty for me to make pretty much whatever I want.  It was $10 a yard--at 50% off it was $5 a yard.  It feels really soft and the rayon embroidery is a little subtler than the picture--you know how rayon catches the light.  And I like the embroidery because it's more like vines and leaves and less like flowers--I'm not that much of a flowery kind of gal, but vines and leaves suit me just fine.

Butterick Patterns are also 99 cents this week, so I got a handful of new patterns, too.  I'm going to use this fabric to make Butterick 5685.

But not until I get a chance to make that Shining Star Vest, darnit.  Practical. Sewing. Keeps. Getting. In. My. Way.

I also got some pin cord, linen, lightweight twill, and rayon challis to make shirts for my sons and husband...but those are boring and I won't go into them  :-)

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