Friday, September 9, 2011

Progress on the Peasant Top

Well, I've got the pattern traced and cut out, but when I went to pull out the fabric, I discovered that my two voiles were not really as opaque as I remembered them.  And the hazelnut had not yet been prewashed. I've gotten a bit lazy lately and I haven't been prewashing my fabrics as soon as I bring them home like I usually do.  So while the pattern is all ready, the fabric is currently swishing away in the washing machine, along with a really pretty piece of rayon challis that is perfect for a fall wardrobe addition--not sure what that will be yet. Once the fabric is washed, dried, and ironed (all 6 yards of it) I'll be ready to go.

But since the fabric is more transparent than I thought, I really need to pick a vest to go with it.  My current runners up are:

The Shining Star Vest from HotPatterns

McCalls 5186 View C or D

They're all somewhat similar (of course there's only so many ways to design a vest) --they all have princess seams for shaping but the HotPatterns vest has an edge-to-edge closure instead of the standard button and buttonhole deal.  View D has a more open neckline, which I really like, but I'm wondering if it might gape open funny as open necklines have a tendency to do on my rather slight frame.

I'm leaning towards the HotPattern--mostly because I have these really neat closures from Home Sew that I've been saving for years just waiting for the perfect project. It's also another free Download from and I've already got it printed out.  It's not assembled yet since I've haven't been inspired to crawl around on the living room floor armed with my imagination and a roll of scotch tape lately, but it shouldn't take long to get the job done.

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