Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sewing For Kids Boys Pants

I spent the last couple of days sewing pants for my youngest son. The pattern is an ancient New Look 6853 that I bought a number of years ago, but it is now out of print and the number 6853 is assigned to a women's pattern.
The gray ones are a nice heavyweight stretch twill, perfect for winter.   The olive green are a slightly lighter weight, but a very nice 100% cotton twill.  I drafted and added some expanding cargo pockets to the green ones, which I'm sure my son will love.
Click the pic to see the pocket better

This pants pattern is delightfully simple if you want a pattern that is pretty quick to pop together and you have kids that like an elastic waist.  The front pockets aren't super deep, but they are adequate for a few matchbox cars or army guys.

I have two more versions of these pants cut out for my son, a pair in black and a pair in brown.  I hope to get them finished before the day is done.  Then he'll have four new pairs of pants and I can get started on making something for me :-)

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