Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Jacket Muslin -- and It Fits!

Muslin for B5685 Size 8
Not a bad fit.  Not a bad fit at all.  Especially considering that the muslin is made of, well, muslin, and the actual jacket is going to be made from a light to medium-weight wool.  With a lining.  And lots of interfacing.  And a collar.  And... well, you get the idea.

After this, I may become a Butterick believer.  I've never had a pattern fit this well practically right out of the envelope.  All I did is shave about 1/2 inch off the front edges (cheating, I know, but it brought in the princess seams just where they needed to be without messing up anything else).

The sleeve cap, for once, doesn't have a ton of ease.  In fact, it has just enough to make room for the very modest shoulder pads.  I never did get that linebacker look -- I remember the '80s all too well.

Please, do try to ignore my hasty and sloppy seaming of the aforementioned sleeve seam -- this is just a muslin after all.

And look at how nicely that sleeve hangs.  No weird wrinkles, no need to rotate the sleeve, no nothing.  I think I'm in love.

I say that now, of course.  Before I've cut into the good stuff.  We'll see whether or not I have a change of heart after that.


  1. This promises to be a real winner with such good luck with the muslin. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Linda! I'm definitely hoping the muslin is a good sign :)

  3. Great fit! Have fun on this project-I have good luck with Butterick and Vogue.