Thursday, November 3, 2011

Favorite Notions #11

I don't know what the proper name of this nifty doodad is, but I call it the elastic grabber.  When you put a piece of elastic between the teeth and then slide the metal ring as far toward the teeth as it will go, it holds the elastic tight so that you can run it through a casing.  It's much faster and more secure than using a safety pin, that's for sure.  At least for me, that is.

Admittedly, I've lost the end a few times using this tool (mostly because I didn't slide the ring far enough and make the teeth tight enough), but not nearly as often as I've had a safety pin come open and get stuck inside a casing.


  1. It's called a bodkin. I usually resort to a safety pin.

  2. Ah, excellent! Thank you, Momo. I do like to call things by their proper names. I have used a safety pin for pulling elastic through a casing. But I usually end up accidentally opening the pin while it's inside and than have to fumble around trying to close it again through the casing while not catching any of the fabric in the process. That's why I like this tool better :)