Monday, February 6, 2012

PR Menswear Contest Day 6 -- Men's Vest

Oldest Son's shirt is finished, but he wore it to work today so no picture yet.

Second Oldest has picked out his fabrics -- both shell and lining -- for a new vest.  I've already sewn this pattern, so it should be a pretty basic project.

The fabrics are from last year.  The lining is a cotton/poly blend in burgundy with a woven pattern of leaves -- a really nice fabric actually.  The shell is just a plain weave 100% wool suiting.  Nice quality but no frills really.  I wish it was easier to get plain weave tropical wool suitings.  For whatever reason, all my guys prefer plain weave to twill weave.

The pattern is New Look 6659.  I know lots of folks aren't tickled pink with unisex patterns, but I actually found this one to be kind of nice.

I've made View C for myself already and I like it a whole lot.  And I've made the men's version for both Oldest Son and Second Oldest.

The only difference is that both of them like real pockets, both inside and out, instead of those lame fake pockets that vests always seem to have.

I don't get the fake pocket thing.  Remember when men carried pocket watches all the time?  I mean, hello?  A fake pocket just doesn't cut it.

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