Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration 101 Deciding What You Want

I need some serious inspiration these days.  Because I'm sure of three things:

1) I hate practically everything in my closet.
2) I really don't want to spend the entire summer wearing jeans and black tank tops.
3) I have the skills/fabric/notions/equipment to make myself a fabulous wardrobe.

My only problem is I just don't know what I want.  *sigh*

Credit: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

For example:  I like this dress that Kate Middleton wore for St. Patrick's Day.  Simple, classy, full enough skirt to be pretty without over doing it. 

I'm just not sure that if I make it, I'll wear it.  I only wear this style of clothing very occasionally, and then usually only for a few hours.

So, I need something casual to wear, for my rather casual lifestyle (which by the way I am NOT complaining about).  T-shirts or tank tops with jeans just seems a little too casual, if you know what I mean.  Besides that's what I've been wearing and I'm a little tired of it.

So tell me, what do you all like in a casual outfit?  Cargo pants? Skirts? Spaghetti strap dresses?  Knits? Wovens?

I really need some suggestions here.  I'm wasting all my time trying to decide and getting absolutely no sewing done whatsoever.


  1. Trinity, you have such a great figure and if you love jeans and tank tops...go for it. Maybe try some jersey tops in a design that shows off your shoulders.

    I like to wear cotton or cotton blend pants/slacks, knit tops or woven campshirts, and love to layer with cardis or cute jackets. I wear jeans sometimes but they are not very comfy on my hourglass figure. I also wear easy dresses and sweaters. I rarely dress up.

  2. Thanks, Mary. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who rarely dresses up :o)

    I like the idea of cardis and nice jackets. And maybe a few vests will satisfy my need to look a little less casual. I'm still thinking, but I'm getting closer to knowing just what I want...

  3. Casual and funky is what I like to wear, but you need to look harder for inspiration, because it is not what the fashion mags and runways aim for. I get inspiration from other bloggers living in hot climates, and some of the online retail sites...anthroplogie, toast, DVF. Dressing up t-shirts / tanks and jeans with groovy necklaces and bangles is one way to go. I also like knit dresses, on their own in summer and over leggings in winter, as I am still comfortable enough to be casual.