Sunday, April 8, 2012

Girls' Spring Dress in Yellow, Pink, and Green

I made this Spring dress for Daughter out of the same pattern that I used for the Daffodillies and Lilacs dress, Butterick 3350.  Since it was the second time around, I think I did a much better job with it.

The fabric is a stretch poplin of flowers on a pale yellow background. Perfect for a Spring dress.  I used a pink 1 inch grosgrain ribbon for the waist tie, which is sewn into the side seams so that it can be tied in the back or at the front.  Daughter prefers it in the back.

I used self fabric to line this dress, and I didn't line the sleeves this time.  This has limitations, namely that it's really hard to do a circular sleeve setting in a sleeve opening this small.  To Butterick's credit, the sleeve fits in the armscye beautifully.  There's enough ease for good movement but not so much that sewing it in is a nightmare of ease stitching and ripping.

I was also able to press the seam allowance of the lining at the waist seam and then stitch it down from the right side, in effect topstitching the waist seam while attaching the lining.  Way better than hand sewing the lining into place.  It looks better than hand sewing, too.  At least, it looks better than my hand sewing.

All told, I think I finished this in an afternoon.  And it turned out very pretty.


  1. What a beautiful, modest girls dress! No wonder she is thrilled. :)

  2. This one is lovely also, in other color, other impression. :o)

  3. Thank you both! I admit I am pretty pleased with these dresses, even though they're kind of plain. I'd like to add lace or trimmings or ruffles or something to the next ones.