Sunday, April 15, 2012

Me Made Prep Plans

Well, the Me-Made May Challenge is coming up.  And while I'm pretty sure I have enough Me-Made clothes to fulfil my pledge to wear a different Me-Made item every day, I'm not above stacking the deck a little and making a couple of new items :o)

I have 3 or 4 black tank tops.  Whew!  At least I won't have to go without for the entire month :o)  And I have a couple in other colors, so my need to wear jeans and a tank top will still be satisfied some of the time.

And I have 5 tank top dresses -- one that's a rather boring tea length, 2 with handkerchief hems, and 2 maxi dresses.  Did I mention those are tank tops, too?  Oh, I see I did  :o)

The weather's heating up, so I won't be wearing as many layers as I usually do.  That'll limit some of my choices, but not too badly, I think.  I do have a sleeveless blouse I made in raw silk a number of years ago from a Threads pattern -- that's a shirt I've always wanted to duplicate, but never got around to.

It does mean that it's time to put away my precious wools, though.  My favorite wool things are ones I made, and funny I've never realized this before, almost every one of them is from a Jalie pattern.  Anyway, it's time to give them all a final washing and pack them away in the cedar wardrobe for the summer.  I've rarely had a moth problem, but considering the expense of wool, it never hurts to be careful.

So what will I make?  I had hoped to work on making something similar to that cool jacket I saw at Orvis (with hopes of entering it in the PR contest), but I'm just not inspired to do that right now.  I'm finishing up two more shirts for Oldest Son (yes, it seems like a never ending task) and the younger children need a couple of new things, too.  They grow like weeds, ya know. 

And for myself, I'm thinking I want one or two new dresses (just got these two luscious pieces of rayon challis from and a couple of Butterick and Burda patterns that might work really well with them. 

I'd also like at least one new vest (I have some real nice wool suiting that's been aging nicely in the stash) and possibly the pants or the skirt to go with it.  That one will definitely be Butterick 5534, which by the way, is selling for a clearance price of $3 on the Butterick site right now.  So if you like this pattern, you might want to go and grab your copy now.

Those are nice, modest plans, don't you think?  I hope I can stick to them...

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  1. Hi Trinity, We are supposed to PLAN for MMM'12? uh oh. The challis you have above is gorgeous!!

    Just kidding, I have a plan which will work if the weather warms up and I can wear all the tanks and shells I made last year. I do have a few dresses also, and a few cardis. My challenge is not only to wear me made stuff, but to sew 4 skirts during the month. I should be pretty good with zippers and waistbands by the end of May, don't you think?