Monday, May 7, 2012

Liberty of London and Hello Kitty?

I don't have very much of a whimsical frame of mind, but for some reason I've always found Hello Kitty to be downright adorable.  I've bought Hello Kitty fabric and made dresses for my daughter (which she wore, but was nowhere near as charmed as I was) but have always wondered if there wasn't some way I could get away with a Hello Kitty something-or-other for myself.

Browsing this morning I came across this fabric from Liberty of London.  It's only on pre-order right now, but OMG! isn't this something?

More importantly, it's not so cutesy that I couldn't wear it myself.  I like the music theme, too, because while I'm nothing but a rank amateur, I do play around with piano, mandolin, and acoustic guitar (fiddling was an epic fail, but I gave that a try, too).

There are other fabrics in this collection, too, but none of them are calling to me like this one is.  Check 'em out here

So, the question isn't:  Do I want it?  Oh, no, I know the answer to that one.  The real question is:  Can I spend $33 a yard and not feel guilty about it?


  1. I'm debating this one too. I like it so much but I just don't know if I can bring myself to do it.

  2. I bought myself one of the other patterns. Go to retail me not and search for coupons. I found one and ended up paying about $27/yd which is a really good price for Liberty.

  3. You have the skills to use $33/yd fabric well.