Sunday, May 20, 2012

MMM '12 -- Days 13-17

Day 13 -- That was kayaking day and I had a great time.  I wore a strappy sport bra in dark green with this sleeveless Jalie knit shirt over it.  I've made this pattern in a couple of different fabrics -- once in a sweater knit that makes an excellent layer for the winter.

Day 14 -- Side zip Jalie pants and an Old Navy camisole top.  Pretty similar to this outfit, though that overshirt is a little fancy for staying at home.  I just wore a plain old sweat jacket over the top.  I have several pairs of these Jalie pants -- I just love the way they fit.  I moved the center back zip to the side, though.

Day 15 -- *sigh*  I didn't wear anything Me Made on Tuesday.  I can't remember why.

Day 16 -- This was a nice outfit.  I made the skirt out of a mystery fabric from WalMart and I love it so much I wish I'd bought it all.  The shirt I made quite some time ago from a Threads pattern.  It's made with raw silk with silver buttons from a FabricMart button "bundle".  The vest I'm wearing again because I just love the way this looks on me, and it broke up the black a bit.

Day 17 -- I did yard work on Thursday, so I didn't take a picture.  The top I wore was made from a Jalie pattern and some wine colored crinkled cotton knit.  It was one of those projects that didn't really come out as good as I'd hoped, so I never hemmed the bottom or the sleeves.  But it's a nice "working outside" top, so I keep it around for that.

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  1. I love that vest! I noticed your comment about yard work and no picture for MMM. I have found that I am often in work clothes and my pics for MMM are definitely not fashion shots! I think I knew this already but MMM has confirmed it: I don't really like to dress up.