Saturday, September 29, 2012

I'm Back -- Hopefully for Good

Whew!  It's been a crazy summer.  Haven't sewn a stitch since when, July or something?

But now that October is just around the corner, I'm thinking now is the time to get back to it.  I've got some dresses for Daughter lined up, more shirts for Jordan, a vest for Joshua, and something for me, I hope.  As a reward or something. 

I've bought hardly any fabric for a while now, thinking that I really ought to use up what I have before I go and purchase more.  So I've been deleting those FabricMart and emails and throwing away those Jo-Ann's flyers.  Ouch.  It's been painful but I. Have. Endured.  And I promised myself that for every piece I use up, I can buy another one.  ;-)  That's not going to reduce the stash.  Of course, I wasn't planning on reducing the stash, so that's okay.

And I finished those last few rows on a pair of socks for my husband.  Merino wool/bamboo yarn, lusciously springy.  He wears through them pretty quick, so I try to make him at least one new pair every year.

I also started a pair of fingerless gloves for my self out of a tweedy superwash wool (the superwash part really doesn't matter to me since I handwash all my wool no matter what) with a kind of purplish cast.  It's in interesting yarn, and knitted up, it looks different than I thought it would.

So, I've got a bunch of things to show you, once I pull out my trusty camera and get back to some serious blogging.

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