Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Next Up! Butterick Vest

My next project is going to be this Butterick vest in this fabulous burgundy pin stripe wool.  I'm thinking I could use some more professional-type clothes and I really like this vest.  I have four yards of the fabric, so I can make the vest and the skirt and maybe the trousers, too.

This isn't a very good picture of the fabric, for some reason my camera's flash doesn't always go off when it should -- probably messed up one of the settings -- and I'm too lazy right now to figure out the problem.  And the white pinstripes are vertical, not horizontal.  But it's enough to give you the idea, right?

I traced out the pattern over the weekend.  It only has five pattern pieces: front, back, facing, lapel and collar.  I haven't chosen a lining yet, but it will probably be a plain black or green or something.  I do have some interesting lining materials, but I'm not sure how elaborate I feel about this particular project.

I'm not going to get in my one hour of sewing today, there's simply too much other stuff to do, but I'm hoping to get at least some of these pieces cut out tomorrow.

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