Saturday, November 17, 2012

FNSI Results -- LBD Pattern Traced

I was going through some photos from this summer and I found this one.  The moon over a lake near where I live.   I was driving home from grocery shopping and I just decided to stop and snap a few pics.  No one will ever accuse me of being a photographer, but I did rather like this.

Okay, so I didn't make a boatload of progress on my LBD, but I did make some.  The Butterick dress that I'm using for the Pattern Review LBD contest is a very simple pattern.  Front piece, back piece, front sleeve and back sleeve.  Four easy peasy pieces.  Since that went so well and I had the pattern unfolded and all, I thought I'd go ahead and trace the pieces for the jacket, too.  I have a nice herringbone tweed type wool that I'd like to use for the jacket, though after seeing all the stinking pattern pieces, I'm not sure the fabric I had in mind is big enough.  Might have to reconsider that one.

And are there pattern pieces!  Yikes!  That jacket has  a lot of pieces.  Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit here.  It doesn't really have any more pieces than the average jacket.  But it's complicated.  And it has built in pockets.  And two piece sleeves.  And a funny hem facing thing that I don't quite understand yet.  And no shoulder pads!

 I like it.  I am now eager to get the dress done so I can work on the jacket.

On another note, I have to make a correction to my previous post.  After consulting the boards on Pattern Review, I discovered that I asked the question this summer: What's the difference between flannel and gabardine?  After reading carefully and looking at my fabric again, it looks like it's more likely to be flannel than gabardine.  Slightly fuzzy, kinda nappy (just a little) feeling, and no sheen like I'd previously thought (how different something looks between wet and dry).

I'll get this wool identification thing right yet.  It would help if I left the identifying stickers on the fabric when I put it away in the cedar closet, but I only started doing that recently, so it doesn't help for fabrics I bought last year.

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