Sunday, November 11, 2012

Girls' Sweetheart Neckline Dress -- Finished!

And here it is!  Done at last.  Okay, that makes it sound as if I've been working on for weeks, when in truth it's only been a few days.

Daughter chose the sweetheart neckline as the favorite of all the options available in the Butterick pattern 3350.  I used View B without the trim and gave it long sleeves.  It took some fancy pressing to get those scallops to come out just right, but I think next time round I'll be able to do a better and faster job.

The fabric is an old Kaufman print, probably from 2007 or so.  I'd been saving it up for God knows what, and I finally decided that it would be the perfect fabric for this dress.  I bit my lip, laid it out on the table, and started cutting.  Have you ever had a piece of fabric that you saved for so long that it's difficult to cut into it? 

The dress took all 2 yards and I wished I'd had a couple inches more so I could have made the dress a bit longer.  She's been putting on alot of height lately, and I wonder if it'll get too short before the bodice no longer fits.  No matter.  By then, I'm sure I'll have another fabric that is just perfect for her.

I adjusted the pattern so that I could use the centered zipper tutorial from Fashion Incubator, and I think I did a pretty good job, if not perfect.  I like Kathleen's method, but it's going to take some practice before I can do it perfectly.

All in all, the project turned out beautifully.  And Daughter is very pleased, which is the most important part, isn't it?


  1. Looks like she's really enjoying her new dress.

  2. What a lovely dress! I love sweetheart necklines. Your daughter is very cute. :)

  3. Very cute, both dress and daughter:) Hopping over form sewcountrychick.. -Diya..