Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Love Shoes

I haven't worked on Youngest Son's vest at all this week -- I'm going to put in some Herculean effort today, though, because I really want it finished by tomorrow.

I did, however, go shopping.  And I found these absolutely awesome shoes.  Born Crowne.  Leather inside and out for that comfy feeling.  I bought the black.  For 40 bucks.  Even though it was hard to choose between that and the brown.

I love the decorated toe cap.  Not overdone, not too sparse.  Just enough to be classy.  The heel is about 2 inches.  Comfortable enough to wear all day.

After I brought them home, I related to my husband the agony I experienced decided which color to choose.  His response?

"Why don't you get one of each?"

My husband is the only man I know who shamelessly encourages me to buy even more shoes than I already do.  Damn, he is just so lovable.

So I went back to Marshall's.  And bought a second pair.

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