Saturday, October 26, 2013

Progress on the Boys' Coat

The last week or so has been spent working on Youngest Son's new wool coat.  I'm using Burda 9533 again -- it's just such a nice pattern.  This will be the last time though, since it's the second largest size in the pattern.  I'm pretty sure by the time he needs another new coat, he'll be too big for the sizes in the envelope.

I'm working with a suit weight wool melton this time.  And since the insulation isn't in the shell fabric, I put it into the lining instead.  This jacket is lined with wool/nylon knit overall, with an extra layer of fleece in the fronts and backs.  Putting fleece in the sleeves made them too tight, so I just used the wool knit in those.  Who says you can't use a knit lining with a woven shell?  I've done it lots of times and never had any trouble.

It's mostly done, just buttons and buttonholes to go (I bet you know how I feel about those by now).  Pictures to come.

Aside from that, I got some pretty fabrics for Daughter for 3 more dresses, and I'd like to get a top or two done for myself, and a couple of shirts for the husband, and...oh, well, nevermind.  I'm really concentrating on knitting projects just now, so I'll have something to show you in that department soon, too.

I realize I also never showed you pictures of my own wool melton coat that I made this Spring with this Butterick pattern. I'll get right on that -- just as soon as I sew the buttons that just fell off back on. *sigh*

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