Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Knitted Fingerless Gloves

So I made fingerless gloves for the whole family for Christmas this year and I'm a-kicking myself for not taking a pic of all the beautiful gloves laid out on the table.  I also made a pair for my husband, which was not a part of the Christmas batch, and sadly, it is the only picture I have.

I've been collecting random (usually single) balls of yarn for years--a yarn store I used to go to had a "yarn orphanage" for the last couple leftover balls of a lot, usually sold for rock bottom clearance prices.  So I went through all this yarn--mostly 100% wools--and found plenty for making fingerless gloves.  Some was more suitable for gloves than others, so I used the cream of the crop to make each pair.  I tried to make each knit pattern a little different so that each pair was unique.  I had about two weeks to make up 5 pairs of gloves. 

I was still hurriedly knitting up the last pair on Christmas eve.  I made a pair for each of the kids (they're all teenagers and adults, but they humor their absolutely ridiculous mom) and stuck a little clue inside each one of them to show whose was whose.  Then I had the kids take turns guessing which gloves belonged to who with the only rule being that that couldn't try to guess their own.  Actually, it was quite fun and I'm wondering what I can make for them all next year and play the same game.

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