Monday, August 29, 2011

Sewing For Kids -- Tshirts Assembly Line Style

Five Kwik Sew 2894 long sleeved tees for my youngest son.  The striped fabric came from a couple of years ago--I've been making shirts for my son with the many yards I bought.  This is finally the last of it.  A good thing, since I think he's rather tired of blue striped shirts.  The slate blue jersey I bought from eBay about 5 years ago--it was my first purchase of a bolt of fabric.  I never realized just how many garments you can make with ten yards of fabric. The brown and the camo also came from organic jerseys make nice tees for adults, too.

Anyway, they're all finished, hemmed and ready to wear.    I like these raglan tees and I've been using this pattern for quite some time. What I like most is that they are, except for the hems, completely serged.  And if you put cuffs on the sleeves, only the bottom needs to be hemmed.

Now, though, I'm finally ready to get to work on that Fringe Festival Top.

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