Monday, December 5, 2011

My Iron Is Dead

I liked my Rowenta pressure iron/steamer. I know some people didn't like it because of its tendency to leak water if let sit too long (I think it's because the water cooled in the hose between the reservoir and the iron itself). That never really bothered me, though. I liked that it was lighter weight, since it wasn't filled with water, and I liked how pointed the sole plate was at the tip. And I liked all that lovely steam. And I liked how the thing didn't shut itself off while I was sewing.

But mine seems to have developed a leak somewhere. Water pouring all over my tabletop onto the floor is Just. Not. Cool.

I'll call Rowenta today. Maybe they'll have good news for me.

In the meantime, I have my old Rowenta to use. But it's heavy. And runs out of water too fast. And It. Has. Auto. Shut. Off. Which I hate. I understand it's a great safety feature, but while you're sewing it's just plain aggravating. Which is why I replaced it in the first place. *sigh*

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