Monday, November 26, 2012

Autumn Shamrocks? And Les Miserables The Movie

 This dress is kind of a cheat as I've mostly been blogging about projects in progress or at least recently constructed.  It doesn't quite fall into that category, since I made it 12 years ago.  But I love this dress, and I am positively astonished that I can still wear it even after having two babies since then.

This is made from the first pattern I ever drafted myself, traced out from my very favorite flannel shirt of all time.  I made so many shirts using that pattern.  I embroidered the fronts of most of them, as I was very much into celtic knots and embroidery at the time.  Sadly, I didn't keep any of those shirts -- they've found their way to the dustbin of history, I suppose. 

But this dress was basically made by attaching a shirred skirt to that shirt pattern and extending the button placket all the way to the hem.  The fabric is just a plain quilting cotton, almost certainly bought from JoAnn's or maybe that other chain sewing store that used to be around over 10 years ago whose name I can't remember right now.

And I know that it is so not fashionable to wear bright green shamrock printed fabric in November.  So call me fashion challenged. Or that I'm doing Christmas early (it is Christmas green, after all). I only went to the grocery store wearing it.  It's not like I went to dinner or the theatre or something fancy.

Speaking of the theatre, have you heard that Les Miserables the film is premiering on Christmas Day?   I'm generally not excited about what Hollywood produces, but I'm looking forward to this film. Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and all the rest of the cast, singing live during the filming.  It's either going to be fabulous, or a complete flop.

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