Saturday, September 21, 2013

Jalie's Anniversary Contest

  This is a nice, simple contest -- just make a Jalie pattern, review it on, and link to the review on PR's and Jalie's Facebook pages.  Winner is chosen by random drawing.

I love contests.  And I love Jalie Patterns.  So, who in their right mind could resist this one?

I've made lots of the Jalie's, mostly for myself (because their drafting is almost a perfect fit for my figure) but also for the kids and the men in my family.  As a matter of fact, I've got the Men's Shirt and the Men's Trousers in the queue for upcoming projects.

I've done the Men's Shirt already (I'm really going to have to get the Husband to model it), so I know this one's a winner.

And also the Women's Shirt.  As a matter of fact, I'm using this very pattern for my Mini-Wardrobe right this very minute.

Jalie Racerback Swimsuit.  This is a nice swimsuit.  I made one for Daughter as well, but of course our summer was so busy I think we only went swimming a few times.  Sigh.  Perhaps next year.

The Scoopneck Tee was my favorite for a while.  I made these in all kinds of wool jersey and wore them through the winters.  Nice and cozy.

And of course the Sweetheart Top.  Which I have made in more variations than I could possibly remember.

That's just a few of the Jalie's I've made -- and I haven't even made all of the patterns I have.  I love the Jalie patterns for their girls to misses and boy to men sizing.  And I like that they make some of their OOP patterns available for download.  I've only bought one so far, but they work just like any other downloadable pattern.  And the fit of these patterns, at least for me, is almost perfect.

So, yeah.  I'll put a couple of entries in for the Jalie 30th Anniversary Contest.  Because I could definitely use 5 more Jalie patterns.

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