Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mini Wardrobe Contest -- A Small Beginning

 I know one thing for sure: I definitely want the stretch linen button down shirt.  And I definitely want to use my TNT Jalie pattern to do it.

The linen is a sand color, with a darker tan vertical pinstripe.  It's been washed and dried on the hot setting, so it's pretty soft and comfortable.  I find linen to be a little itchy at times (am I the only one who finds it so?), but I'm hoping that this piece won't be too bad.

So that's what I'm sure of.  What I'm not sure of is the rest. Should I make the skirt, pants, and jacket combo?  Or should I make one of these dresses in the luscious, flowing plaid wool twill I found while I was hunting out the fabric for the other pieces? 
I tried to take a picture of the fabric, but I just washed it and hung it to dry so it's not photographing well at the moment.  But it is primarily a reddish chocolate, with some black and gray.  That doesn't describe it very well.  I'll have to snap a photo once it's dry.

Doesn't matter.  I have plenty of time to decide.  But let me ask you this:  Would you wear a pinstriped shirt (like the fabric above) under a plaid dress like one of the ones on the bottom?

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  1. I think that combo would look great on you. Have fun with the wardrobe contest...I am buried with horse training this season.