Sunday, September 18, 2011

Practical Project: Another Men's Dress Shirt

Hmmm.  A black shirt.  It's pretty hard to see the details on a black shirt.  This is another Burda 6676 for my oldest son.  He looks so sharp in these shirts, I wish I could find more fabric that he likes so that I could make more of them.  I spent my sewing time this week making this shirt and today  I hemmed, stitched in buttonholes and sewed on buttons.  I don't like hand-sewing, but I always put the buttons on by hand--they seem to fall off every time I try to put them on by machine.  It's less work in the long run if I just do them securely the first time around.

  The fabric is a cotton shirting that I got from earlier this year.  The threads of this fabric are all black--the stripes are formed by the weave, not by a different dye color.  It has a crisp, almost linen-like feel to it.  It also wrinkles like linen.

Click the pic to see the fabric weave

In this picture of the sleeve, you can really see the texture of the fabric.  It looks different depending on how the light hits it.  I love this stuff.  I wish I'd bought more than 5 yards, now there's only 3 left :-(

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