Sunday, November 25, 2012

PR 11th Anniversary Party

Well, I'm finally planning on going to my very first event: the PR 11th Anniversary party at The Silk Road in Auburndale, MA on December 12th.  It'll finally give me a chance to meet some people who I've only known through the message boards and pattern reviews since I first joined up back in 2005.  There are other PR parties going on in other locations, too, for people who can't make it to this one.

I'm hoping to get the Little Black Dress finished in time, not just for the contest, but to wear to the party.  And over it, I'd like to wear this silk and rayon burnout over shirt that I made way back when.  It's still one of my favorite party pieces--it's just such a luxurious and beautiful top, and I think it will look absolutely fabulous to dress up an LBD.

I have a pretty necklace to wear with it, too.  I wonder if I could get away with wearing the ruby slippers as well?

So, who else is going to a PR Anniversary party?

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