Photo Tutorials

Crisp Corners in Shirt Cuffs -- A quick look at turning shirt cuffs so that the corners are nice and crisp

Girls' Tshirt Dress -- Make a girls' dress in about an hour.  All it takes is a Tshirt and a yard or so of quilting cotton

Fabric Daisies -- Make cute accent flowers for your favorite outfit!

Flat Felled Seam Finish -- Finish seams with a flat felled technique for a tailored look!

French Seam Finish  -- Another classy seam finish that is quick and simple -- easy for beginners!

Knit Handkerchief Dress  -- Make a dress using a tank top and a skirt that you draft yourself

Knit Bindings without a Coverstitch  -- Attach knit bindings with just a zigzag machine and an (optional) serger

Shirred Bodice Sundress  -- Make a sundress with a shirred bodice using elastic thread

 Drafting a Girls' Cape -- Draft your own cape pattern using a commercial neckline and hood